Visual storyteller specializing in
​Adventure, Street Sports, Nature and Travel

Professional photographer, honest stories

I am a professional photographer based in Copenhagen, and I especially target brands, magazines and organizations within Adventure, Street Sports, Nature and Travel in Denmark and internationally.

As an educated photojournalist, coach and therapist, I am used to working with people on a deeply personal level. I focus on delivering honest and present visual stories that inspire both the contemporary human and especially the youth to go on adventures and experience their world in new ways - and themselves and their inner world - when my work reveals new sides of the story.

I myself have traveled in +60 countries and looked deeply into my own being in a search for meaning. I am passionate about passing on my experiences and my wonder through visual stories focusing on the essence of life and man.

My biggest goal is that my images land deeply within every observer, evoking strong emotions within them and makes them feel more at home in our world.

Brand values​

  • Wanderlust
  • Presence
  • Solution-oriented
  • Honesty
  • Curiousity
  • Reliability
  • Optimism
  • Dedication
  • Courage
  • Professionalism

Who is my target audience?

My target audience is spread among business customers within, among other fields:

  • Skateboarding
  • Other board- and extreme sports
  • Nature and travel
  • Trends, taboos and tendencies
  • The authentic portrait
  • Personal development and existence
  • Youth, community and identity
  • Presentation-, drone- and music videos

Are you looking for a professional photographer? Contact me.

Feel free to contact me if you want to hear more about my story and my work, or if you want to hear more about how I can help you and your company strengthen your brand and achieve your goals through a strong visual story.

​Artist Statement​​

"​I create images to reflect myself in my surroundings and help others understand themselves and one another.

I strive to build bridges of awe and understanding in our time of prejudice and polarised separation.

​Visual storytelling is a magical medium to emphasise essential nuances of any story, and I use this power to investigate and express cultural trends and the identity of those involved, both in my portraiture and my personal projects.


Growing up as an outsider, I’m attracted to quirks, to the surreal and to the fleeting moments of wonder that lie hidden in our daily lives. Through my lens I explore, express and affect the world I see towards a new and better narrative."

Past and present exhibitions:

2011 - September-November: "Syv Telluriske Nuancer" @HUSET, Aarhus

​2011 - November-January 2012: "LIVE Photo of the Year" @Museet for Fotokunst, Odense

​2011 - November (still open): Travel photography @ U-Huset, Aarhus

​2012 - February (still open): Music photography @Studenterhus Aarhus

​2012 - October: “Ukendt Aarhus" @Godsbanen, Aarhus with photographer Lucas Adler

​2013 - February-April: “LAB: LAND” @Godsbanen with author Daniel Boysen

​2013 - June : “The sea” @Godsbanen

​2013 - September: “De Skæve Gaders Liv" @fairbar, Aarhus

​2014 - January-April: “Et nyt Perspektiv” @Godsbanen

​2014 - June-August: “Malmö citater” @Galleri T, Aarhus with photographer Mathias Lind

​2014 - September: “Byens Skyggeliv” with visual artist Pernille Kjølholt

​2016 - March: This Land of Mine / Stray Dogs Walk the Red Carpet @ALU, Sarajevo

​2016 - September: Picture The Music 2016 @Musikkens Hus, Aalborg

Vundne konkurrencer & udstillinger

2011 - BYiBY Aarhus Photo Marathon (1st place)

​2011 - GAFFA Photo Awards - LIVE Photo of the Year

​2012 - International Metro Photo Challenge (among 250.000 participants)

​2014 - Copenhagen Photo Festival / Picture The Music

​2015 - GAFFA Photo Awards - Live Photo of the Year (2nd place)​​


My prices are based on the Danish Media Agreements ‘Medieaftalerne', however, they vary according to the scope of the assignment. Contact me and let’s talk - I’m usually able to meet my customers' needs, budget and desires.

​Call me on +45 51 98 88 61 today and let's create your next strong story together.