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Who am I?

Portrait photographer and adventure photographer focusing on honest images

My background as a photojournalist

​I am an educated photojournalist from DMJX and the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. I am also a certified coach and therapist.

​Therefore, it comes naturally to me to work intimately with others and see the world from their perspective, which is a clear advantage in my work as a photographer and concept developer.

​I am based at The Social House in central Copenhagen, and I regularly do assignments within the rest of Denmark and internationally.

Adventurous · Present · Real

Professional and passionate photographer

  • ​I have traveled as a portrait-, adventure- and documentary photographer in +60 countries, I’ve built and documented the first skatepark in Mozambique and I’ve been on a photo expedition in Greenland by helicopter, dog sled and glacier camping in -25 ° C
  • I am an experienced and award-winning skateboard photographer for i.a. Copenhagen Open, I have i.a. been headhunted to exhibit at the No Comply Art Show in Florida
  • Winner of the international Metro Photo Challenge among 250,000 participants
  • ​My work has i.a. been featured in R4DIO and Go ‘morgen Danmark. I have been published in i.a. The Guardian, Unicef, One Love Skate Mag and Politiken
  • I am the first CO2-positive photographer in the Nordics. Meaning that I remove more CO2 than I emit in my business - e.g. by planting forest on Madagascar with Climaider and by donating 1 % of my annual revenue to 1 % for the Planet
  • I am a professional and drone pilot, certified to fly both night and day on any kind of assignment
  • My passion is The Authentic Portrait and Adventure & Street Sports Photography. Additionally, I frequently do video productions and concept development

Present and honest images and videos

My areas of work as a photographer and portrait photographer

I provide Art Direction as well as honest, present visual storytelling to organizations, brands and companies. My clients include a large number of different companies in Copenhagen, the rest of Denmark and abroad as a documentary photographer, portrait photographer, adventure photographer and photojournalist.

I have more than 10 years of experience as a portrait photographer and will gladly help you with anything from the professional portrait to the intimate and personal one. It is important to me to make real and raw portraits that can be felt by the observer.

What do I offer?

I have more than 10 years of professional experience in visual storytelling

I have more than 10 years of professional experience in visual storytelling

My vision for my stories in adventure, streetsport, authentic portraits, video production and Art Direction is to inspire and empower the modern human and especially the youth to venture out and experience the world - outer as well as inner - in new, conscious and constructive ways.

To bring light to that which we hide in the shadows.

To create unity and connection in our divided societies.

Therefore I especially work with organizations, brands and companies, that take on a conscious and social responsibility in a world where it's needed more than ever.

Among other themes, I work within these subject areas:

  • ​Skateboarding
  • Other board and extreme sports

  • Nature and travel

  • Trends, taboos and tendencies

  • The authentic portrait

  • Personal development and existence

  • Youth, community and identity

  • Presentation- and music videos

Throughout my life as an adventure photographer, portrait photographer and photojournalist, I travel regularly, and I have also long focused on my own inner journey.

I am searching for truth and depth in life.

Therefore, honesty, presence, emotions and inspiration are main focus areas in my works.

It is important to me that my images evoke confidence as well as strong feelings and thoughts in anyone observing them - we're already up to our ears in feeds full of hollow content.

Customer reviews

What my customers say

Why should you choose me?

Why I work as an adventure- and portrait photographer

As a professional photographer, my biggest goal is to inspire others through my work and give you, as the observer, greater awareness and perspectives on your life, your identity and your daily choices.

What you get out of our collaboration

When you choose me as your documentary / portrait photographer and concept developer, I wholeheartedly take on your task and challenge the framework to create your best possible results. I would rather be the best than the cheapest.

My focus is to inspire your target audience with honest stories that stand out from the information bombardment and attention battle of our time.

​To create images, that evoke confidence as well as strong emotions in any observer.​

Call me on +45 5198 8861 today and let's create your strongest story together.​